BEACH BUNS – Food Delivered to the BEACH !!


This Saturday Beach Buns were inaugurated in Campoamor and their owners, two neighbors from Campoamor, Estela and Octavio, manager of the Montepiedra Sport Center, showed us this.

This restaurant is a fast food service that was needed in Campoamor, in fact, we have two novelties that we would like to highlight, the cinema menu that for a price that is more affordable than € 10.45 you can take a drink of 50 cl, with a Double hamburger with a large potato and a bag of popcorn, all in a package so you can go to the movies with a fantastic dinner,

Also highlight the take away service, home, where we also serve on the beach, you just have to call From the towel and we take you to the same promenade.

Beach Buns are inspired by other fast food chains like Mc Donald’s, Burger King, you arrive, order your hamburger, your onion rings, your nuggets or fingers, we even have three salads, in five minutes we serve you and everything Very economical, everything for the family.

A family of four can dine for less than forty euros.

We at will spend an evening to have dinner at this new Beach Buns restaurant in Campoamor, which is sure to be a success, with a service mentality, for the family and also for the young people who need in our urbanization their space and Your place for lunch or dinner.